Efrain Muniz


by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Efrain Muniz / Model: Vanessa Ann Watson
Fuck: 1/10
Fuck: 2/10
Fuck: 3/10
Fuck: 4/10
Fuck: 5/10
Fuck: 6/10
Fuck: 7/10
Fuck: 8/10
Fuck: 9/10
Fuck: 10/10

Efrain Muniz ‘Fuck’

Austin-based photographer, Efrain Muniz brings us her debut series starring Vanessa Ann Watson.

“Typical love at first sight on insta, Vanessa came at me with great concepts & we spent a beautiful afternoon mashing our creative minds together. She’s beautifully creative & an outstanding model to work with. much love & respect for her.”



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