J. Paul Voto

‘Fuck it’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: J. Paul Voto / Model: Clara Rose Ulken
Fuck it: 1/6
Fuck it: 2/6
Fuck it: 3/6
Fuck it: 4/6
Fuck it: 5/6
Fuck it: 6/6

J. Paul Voto ‘Fuck it’

Shot in her own apartment on a toasty Friday morning in Boston, Clara Ulken enjoys a joint & the view from her window, while J. Voto takes her candid portraits.

“Clara & I knew each other from our modelling agency & we had shot once before so we knew we wanted to do something indoors with a darker edgier vibe. Clara is a metal head at heart but consistently books cute bubbly roles that don’t mesh with her personality. I felt like we needed to convey the “fuck it” attitude she inherently has. So we brewed some coffee, lit a joint & started shooting.”



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