Josh Kern

‘Fuck me’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Josh Kern
Fuck me: 1/16
Fuck me: 2/16
Fuck me: 3/16
Fuck me: 4/16
Fuck me: 5/16
Fuck me: 6/16
Fuck me: 7/16
Fuck me: 8/16
Fuck me: 9/16
Fuck me: 10/16
Fuck me: 11/16
Fuck me: 12/16
Fuck me: 13/16
Fuck me: 14/16
Fuck me: 15/16
Fuck me: 16/16

Josh Kern ‘Fuck me’

In October 2016, we featured Josh Kern’s very first published series (Veiled underwater), & its now with so much pleasure that we bring you new work from his epic 200-page photobook in the making entitled ‘Fuck me’.

Get yourself a copy & help Josh reach his crowdfunding here.

“I always get kind of nervous when I have to introduce myself (my work) & the only phrase thats left in my brain is: “Hi, my name is Josh & I like to take pictures.”

I became obsessed with documenting the world around me. My camera was with me everywhere & it somehow became a part of myself. It gave me permission to not be shy & the ability to show how intense & beautiful I perceive life. I found something where I can shamelessly express what I feel, my critical view on our generation & myself & my love for life in general. With time, I also started to share pages of my notebooks & it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.”

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