Grant Spanier

‘Full bloom’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Grant Spanier / Model: Iona Small / Stylist: Iona Small
Full bloom: 1/11
Full bloom: 2/11
Full bloom: 3/11
Full bloom: 4/11
Full bloom: 5/11
Full bloom: 6/11
Full bloom: 7/11
Full bloom: 8/11
Full bloom: 9/11
Full bloom: 10/11
Full bloom: 11/11

Grant Spanier ‘Full bloom’

Shot on film in Portland, Oregon, Grant Spanier brings us his latest incredible series starring, Iona Small.

“Making images with someone you love is such a wonderful experience. Every picture is special, every one seems so marvellous. & the really cool thing, the special thing, is that it’s not just bias. I don’t think they’re beautiful just because I think she’s beautiful — we make intimate images because we are intimate. I think you can feel at least a shade of what we feel in the pictures. The images are literally created in the space between her & I, & when she’s looking at the camera she’s looking at me. I don’t know about you as third-party viewer, but I can definitely feel it as photographer.”



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