Marc Hayden

‘Funtime Funfair’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Marc Hayden / Model: Bridie Morris
Funtime Funfair: 1/10
Funtime Funfair: 2/10
Funtime Funfair: 3/10
Funtime Funfair: 4/10
Funtime Funfair: 5/10
Funtime Funfair: 6/10
Funtime Funfair: 7/10
Funtime Funfair: 8/10
Funtime Funfair: 9/10
Funtime Funfair: 10/10

Marc Hayden ‘Funtime Funfair’

‘Funtime Funfair’ matches my mood completely this fine morning. Waking up in NYC for the first time in 3 days not completely hung over & ready to do some proper touristy things. This is the 2nd time London based photographer, Marc Hayden & super cute, Birdie Morris have teamed up to shoot something gorgeous for us. See also their ever so popular collaboration titled ‘So-Hopeless’ below. HAPPY WEEKEND ERRYBODY!!!



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