Galaxy of God damns (NSFW): 1/5 Galaxy of God damns (NSFW): 1/5
Galaxy of God damns (NSFW): 2/5 Galaxy of God damns (NSFW): 2/5
Galaxy of God damns (NSFW): 3/5 Galaxy of God damns (NSFW): 3/5
Galaxy of God damns (NSFW): 4/5 Galaxy of God damns (NSFW): 4/5
Galaxy of God damns (NSFW): 5/5 Galaxy of God damns (NSFW): 5/5

Jesse Cilio ‘Galaxy of God damns (NSFW)’

Jesse Cilio brings us a new polaroid series out of Hollywood- “the result of basically creating something out of nothing”. This is ‘Galaxy of God damns’ starring Sarah Peterson.

“People in los Angeles need to start trying to live below the surface & experiencing what is real. I spent a lot of my younger years running with these characters on Hollywood Blvd – partying with them – having mini mr. T sleeping at the foot of my bed, spray painting my bike chain gold when someone stole his gold chains. Sleeping with tinker bell, Snow White, bar fights with Superman. This is a throwback to the debauchery of those years I spent experiencing the dark dirty Hollywood, not the posh one People’s parents pay for them to live or what they see on tv & imagine it to be. I wanted to mix it with someone special, Sarah Peterson, who I met a year ago in Santa Monica smoking cigarettes in front of her yoga studio, & I wanted to kinda incorporate all these things. I picked up a Uhaul, picked up Sarah & found a street couch & threw it in the back & drove down Hollywood Blvd. Found a few street performer characters aka Mickey Mouse &Spider-Man who were down for the cause & some heavy tip money & we shot inside the Uhaul & used it as our mobile studio.

The scenes in the pool is something I had swimming around in my head for a while & we just did it. The street is the top of Whitley ave in Hollywood & its my favourite street in LA. The whole shoot lasted about 40 minutes.

I’ll never be able to forget the sound of your sea. U will always be everywhere. in my heart, at the end of my finger-tips down to my toes & under my eyelids when I dream of the moonlight spilling into places where u should be.”

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