Brooke Olimpieri

‘Gangsters paradise’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Brooke Olimpieri / Model: Shelly Fuentes / Wardrobe: Hot As Hell
Gangsters paradise: 1/12
Gangsters paradise: 2/12
Gangsters paradise: 3/12
Gangsters paradise: 4/12
Gangsters paradise: 5/12
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Gangsters paradise: 11/12
Gangsters paradise: 12/12

Brooke Olimpieri ‘Gangsters paradise’

It was a Tuesday. Brooke Olimpieri woke up from a vivd dream of a girl with blonde afro hair. So she got straight on the phone to her girl, Shelly. It wasn’t long before Shelly was all done up & sitting in the passenger seat of Brooke’s Prius…

“We cruised the hood, looking for low rider cars & chrome wheels. Blasting the Ghetto Boys & Salt n’ Peppa.
She was in character. Drinking straight from the bottle & talking shit. Gold hoops, gold chains, snakeskin boots. She jumped on the hood of the Cadillac like she owned it. No risk no reward. All I can say is, we’re no stranger to ghetto fabulous. I think I’ll go back & leave a photo from the shoot on the strangers Caddi. Just so he knows we appreciate his dope ride.”




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