Gaze (NSFW): 1/23 Gaze (NSFW): 1/23
Gaze (NSFW): 2/23 Gaze (NSFW): 2/23
Gaze (NSFW): 3/23 Gaze (NSFW): 3/23
Gaze (NSFW): 4/23 Gaze (NSFW): 4/23
Gaze (NSFW): 5/23 Gaze (NSFW): 5/23
Gaze (NSFW): 6/23 Gaze (NSFW): 6/23
Gaze (NSFW): 7/23 Gaze (NSFW): 7/23
Gaze (NSFW): 8/23 Gaze (NSFW): 8/23
Gaze (NSFW): 9/23 Gaze (NSFW): 9/23
Gaze (NSFW): 10/23 Gaze (NSFW): 10/23
Gaze (NSFW): 11/23 Gaze (NSFW): 11/23
Gaze (NSFW): 12/23 Gaze (NSFW): 12/23
Gaze (NSFW): 13/23 Gaze (NSFW): 13/23
Gaze (NSFW): 14/23 Gaze (NSFW): 14/23
Gaze (NSFW): 15/23 Gaze (NSFW): 15/23
Gaze (NSFW): 16/23 Gaze (NSFW): 16/23
Gaze (NSFW): 17/23 Gaze (NSFW): 17/23
Gaze (NSFW): 18/23 Gaze (NSFW): 18/23
Gaze (NSFW): 19/23 Gaze (NSFW): 19/23
Gaze (NSFW): 20/23 Gaze (NSFW): 20/23
Gaze (NSFW): 21/23 Gaze (NSFW): 21/23
Gaze (NSFW): 22/23 Gaze (NSFW): 22/23
Gaze (NSFW): 23/23 Gaze (NSFW): 23/23

Alessandra Pace ‘Gaze (NSFW)’

Alessandra Pace is back with a new series & a new gorgeous muse. This is ‘Gaze’ starring Arlina Hisku.

“A couple of weeks ago I went to an exhibition in my town & I met Arlina for the first time. She quickly captured my interest & I asked some friends of mine to introduce me to her. I proposed to her that we get a coffee one day & talk about a photographic project together. She soon accepted & we met. We decided to shot in my house cause I recently changed all my furniture in the living room & would have loved her to be the first girl captured there.

It was so natural, she seemed to be born to stay in front of a camera. It was a great experience, I enjoyed so much the synergy that came out shot after shot. She’s a special soul with a special deep gaze.”



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