Ammanuel AM

‘Genista Whispers’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Ammanuel AM / Model: Ariadne Koromila / Wardrobe: Lauren Taylor
Genista Whispers: 1/9
Genista Whispers: 2/9
Genista Whispers: 3/9
Genista Whispers: 4/9
Genista Whispers: 5/9
Genista Whispers: 6/9
Genista Whispers: 7/9
Genista Whispers: 8/9
Genista Whispers: 9/9

Ammanuel AM ‘Genista Whispers’

‘Genista Whispers’ is our debut feature by self-taught Cornwall (UK) Photographer, Ammanuel AM.

“We shot this series in Cornwall on a lovely spring day (a rarity), in a flower field. There are lots of them, however this one made us feel like we couldn’t/shouldn’t shoot anywhere else. Ariadne, is a magical model with a knack for just doing the thing you desire before you utter a word, which is quite mind blowing.”



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