Gina Manning

‘Get lost’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Gina Manning / Model: Kelsey Lauren / Stylist: Coleen Gannon / HMUA: Paula Roderick-Voisembert / Assistant: Jordan Gracia
Get lost: 1/7
Get lost: 2/7
Get lost: 3/7
Get lost: 4/7
Get lost: 5/7
Get lost: 6/7
Get lost: 7/7

Gina Manning ‘Get lost’

NYC photographer, Gina Manning & her team spent one of the last warm days on the east coast getting lost in a hidden little, wooded wonderland, tucked away in the small town Gina grew up in.

“It’s become a sort of retreat I am lucky enough to bring the occasional personal shoot to. I still get lost every time the new season grows a new landscape, it’s fun to rediscover it every year!”




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