Matthew Parisien

‘Get lost’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Matthew Parisien / Model: Gab Bois / Make-up Artist: Kim Abecassis
Get lost: 1/13
Get lost: 2/13
Get lost: 3/13
Get lost: 4/13
Get lost: 5/13
Get lost: 6/13
Get lost: 7/13
Get lost: 8/13
Get lost: 9/13
Get lost: 10/13
Get lost: 11/13
Get lost: 12/13
Get lost: 13/13

Matthew Parisien ‘Get lost’

Montreal Based Photographer, Matthew Parisien has quickly become a new fave up here & it’s easy to see why. Fuck I love this!

“Spring just hit Montreal, everything is blooming. Spring is literally the most perfect shooting time for me, because I’ve been experimenting with pastel colours & they are everywhere. Gab was so perfect for what I imagined! She looks like both a fairy & a lost child in the set.”



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