Ayesha Marín

‘Get this party started (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Ayesha Marín / Model: Melisa Saullo / Model Management: Jump Model Management / Stylist: Ayesha Marín / Make-up Artist: Ayesha Marín
Get this party started (NSFW): 1/6
Get this party started (NSFW): 2/6
Get this party started (NSFW): 3/6
Get this party started (NSFW): 4/6
Get this party started (NSFW): 5/6
Get this party started (NSFW): 6/6

Ayesha Marín ‘Get this party started (NSFW)’

Longtime friends Ayesha Marín & Melisa Saullo team up for their debut series. This is ‘Get this party started’.

During this session, Meli & I played with lights at home & used different colours & textures over my lens. Since we are friends I never have to tell her what to do & that’s why I love shooting with her. The photos we ended up with showcase Meli’s happiness, strength, wildness & how comfortable she in her skin.”

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