Rafa Vodovosoff

‘Get your kicks’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Rafa Vodovosoff / Model: Jimmi / Stylist: Oscar Jorge Cabrera
Get your kicks: 1/5
Get your kicks: 2/5
Get your kicks: 3/5
Get your kicks: 4/5
Get your kicks: 5/5

Rafa Vodovosoff ‘Get your kicks’

Rafa Vodovosoff brings us an impromptu debut series.

“Great things are spontaneous, & this shoot was done in that spirit. On Thursday afternoon I had the confirmation that Jimmi could shoot on Friday. After a couple of messages with Oscar he got on board to add a little styling magic to the project.
On Friday we had our kicks, a 3 hours hang with music, making time to stop in between shots for food & smoko’s. We had some good laughs with new friends.”



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