Deivi García

‘Gimme the loot (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Deivi García / Model: Maria Camila Samudio
Gimme the loot (NSFW): 1/11
Gimme the loot (NSFW): 2/11
Gimme the loot (NSFW): 3/11
Gimme the loot (NSFW): 4/11
Gimme the loot (NSFW): 5/11
Gimme the loot (NSFW): 6/11
Gimme the loot (NSFW): 7/11
Gimme the loot (NSFW): 8/11
Gimme the loot (NSFW): 9/11
Gimme the loot (NSFW): 10/11
Gimme the loot (NSFW): 11/11

Deivi García ‘Gimme the loot (NSFW)’

Inspired by vintage/cowboy, Lovers Deivi García & Maria Camila Samudio team up in Bogota, Colombia for a fun new film series to close out 2019.

“My girlfriend Maria Camila & I decided to toast with mezcal to fill our minds up with ideas & capture our last editorial of the year.”

“Keep the gun on my side & find me a lover if the money’s right.”



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