Aaron Potter

‘Ginger snaps’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Aaron Potter / Model: Caitlyn McMahon / Model: Charlie Reidy / Stylist: Tory Price / HMUA: Jen Sato / Assistant: Caitlin Mullaly
Ginger snaps: 1/8
Ginger snaps: 2/8
Ginger snaps: 3/8
Ginger snaps: 4/8
Ginger snaps: 5/8
Ginger snaps: 6/8
Ginger snaps: 7/8
Ginger snaps: 8/8

Aaron Potter ‘Ginger snaps’

I have always been a big fan of red hair & it’s a dream of mine to one day unite a bunch of ginger beauties for a shoot. So when this series by Aaron Potter featuring Charlie Reidy & Caitlyn McMahon turned up in my inbox, it was love at first sight.

More ginger snaps please!

Featured brands: Tusk & Tonic, Jason Hewitt, Otsu, Minnah Byron, Alabama Blonde, Harriet Doran



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