Alexa King

‘Girls in motels’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

4 photographs.
Photographer: Alexa King / CinematographerAlexa King / CinematographerStephen Kinigopoulos / Model: Katarina Pavic / Janice Kinigopoulos
Girls in motels: 1/4
Girls in motels: 2/4
Girls in motels: 3/4
Girls in motels: 4/4

Alexa King ‘Girls in motels’

I’ve been waiting for the day that our New Orleans based, cinematic story telling, photog homie, Alexa King sends me an epic short film & that day has just arrived! In the spirit of the festive season, Alexa formed her whole creative team with members of her own family. Momma on hair & Make up, Sister-in-law as model, brother to help with filming. ‘Girls in motels’ is the beautiful result of some good ol’ family bonding. LOVE! duh.



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