Emily Delphine

‘Girls will be boys’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Emily Delphine / Model: Kelsey Martinovich / Model Management: Chadwicks / Stylist: Carlos Mangubat / HMUA: Merton Muaremi / Talent Agency: Reload Agency
Girls will be boys: 1/8
Girls will be boys: 2/8
Girls will be boys: 3/8
Girls will be boys: 4/8
Girls will be boys: 5/8
Girls will be boys: 6/8
Girls will be boys: 7/8
Girls will be boys: 8/8

Emily Delphine ‘Girls will be boys’

This face just keeps on popping up everywhere lately, & I especially love seeing it pop up on my own website. The face belongs to Australian beauty, Kelsey Martinovich.

For her most recent collaboration, with the help of stylist Carlos Mangubat, Kelsey dressed up in boys clothes & underwear & posed for fellow Australian creative, Emily Delphine.

Sebastien & I share most of our wardrobe & recently, having not done washing for a week or so, I discovered how comfortable his American Apparel underwear is! Now nothings off limits!



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