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Tony Farfalla ‘Give a damn’

Entering its 46th year, the Earth day movement continues to inspire, challenge ideas, ignite passion & motivate people to action.

Today photographer, Tony Farfalla & actress/activist, Julia Morrison have provided us with some stunning inspiration to spend some time in nature & do our part in cleaning up this place.

“We shot at Rockaway Beach in Queens, our local surf spot! The amount of plastic bags I’ve had float by me on any given day during a surf is incredible, so much wasted plastic! After this shoot we spent the rest of the day picking up plastic from the beach & the sand dunes. It’s an endless task, but a much needed one.

The amount of Plastic Pollution in the world is out of hand, but it’s something we can actually reduce very quickly if we all just change our habits a bit, right?”

Plastic is a substance the world cannot digest.

It’s a problem that does not go away. It sticks around in landfills, & drifts through our oceans. It clogs storm drains, & is a affects human health. Plastic is a serious threat to our Earth, & a problem that we can solve.

Refuse single-use plastic. Listen to the Earth. Give a damn!

More support at:| 15 Ways to reduce plastic pollution


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