Sian Ashleigh

‘Gloves on’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Sian Ashleigh / Model: Logan Maylon / Stylist: Sian Ashleigh / Stylist: Logan Maylon
Gloves on: 1/8
Gloves on: 2/8
Gloves on: 3/8
Gloves on: 4/8
Gloves on: 5/8
Gloves on: 6/8
Gloves on: 7/8
Gloves on: 8/8

Sian Ashleigh ‘Gloves on’

Sian Ashleigh is a photographer working out of London. She enjoys a mixed wardrobe of chic, pirate & anime looks & can usually be found at home covered in cats. Together, Sian & model Logan Maylon combine fluid movement, flamboyant styling & unique poses to their new bold fashion editorial.

“Logan doesn’t just pose. She dances. She moves like water. She is super awkward yet uses that awkwardness in such a fluid way you can’t help but be inspired to take fashion shots of her. We collaborated on styling. Not hard when we both have a love of opera gloves & contrasting colours! Originally I’d solely invited her to come & do a beauty shoot with me but she was just so cool & awkward we accidentally got this entire editorial.”



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