Dani Florentino


by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
15 photographs.
Photographer: Dani Florentino / Model: Irene González / Make-up Artist: Maxi Galván / Assistant: Javier González
Glow: 1/15
Glow: 2/15
Glow: 3/15
Glow: 4/15
Glow: 5/15
Glow: 6/15
Glow: 7/15
Glow: 8/15
Glow: 9/15
Glow: 10/15
Glow: 11/15
Glow: 12/15
Glow: 13/15
Glow: 14/15
Glow: 15/15

Dani Florentino ‘Glow’

Spanish Photographer & Filmmaker, Dani Florentino of Klein Studio presents us with their debut feature starring a multifaceted Irene, in this awesome 35mm studio series.

“We are pure magnetism. We surround ourselves with anything able to beam a special force, a light, a beauty; sometimes opposite to reality. We just try to feel that vital pulse which can vanish in a second. A fight which disappears in front of your eyes if you don’t have its limits deeply marked in your mind.”



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