Mona Cordes

‘Glowing glory’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Mona Cordes / Creative director: Mona Cordes / Model: Rhiannon Rogers / Model: Caterina Zannin / Stylist: Mona Cordes / Make-up Artist: Mona Cordes
Glowing glory: 1/15
Glowing glory: 2/15
Glowing glory: 3/15
Glowing glory: 4/15
Glowing glory: 5/15
Glowing glory: 6/15
Glowing glory: 7/15
Glowing glory: 8/15
Glowing glory: 9/15
Glowing glory: 10/15
Glowing glory: 11/15
Glowing glory: 12/15
Glowing glory: 13/15
Glowing glory: 14/15
Glowing glory: 15/15

Mona Cordes ‘Glowing glory’

On a recent Saturday morning in East London, Stylist/analogue photographer, Mona Cordes made the best of a seemingly bad situation.

“Saturday morning is always a day for people to be hungover or things can happen. I woke up to a message by a Berlin based Photographer who I had planned the shoot with who missed her flight. I thought damn that can’t be happening but I had some energetic breakfast & decided not to cancel on the models & I had all the outfits prepared. I said to myself “hey you take pictures too, just do it”. So I did.



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