Go-see: 1/8 Go-see: 1/8
Go-see: 2/8 Go-see: 2/8
Go-see: 3/8 Go-see: 3/8
Go-see: 4/8 Go-see: 4/8
Go-see: 5/8 Go-see: 5/8
Go-see: 6/8 Go-see: 6/8
Go-see: 7/8 Go-see: 7/8
Go-see: 8/8 Go-see: 8/8

Sergio Del Amo ‘Go-see’

Recently the very cute & quirky, Misha Ponasenko met Sergio del Amo at his Bangkok studio for a few simple snaps. The result is fucking adorable. LOVE THIS!



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