Hailley Howard

‘Goddess of Dogtown’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Hailley Howard / Photographer: Laura Goldenberger / Model: Ashley Chung / Make-up Artist: Marlaine Reiner / Stylist: Veronica Jackson
Goddess of Dogtown: 1/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 2/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 3/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 4/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 5/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 6/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 7/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 8/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 9/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 10/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 11/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 12/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 13/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 14/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 15/16
Goddess of Dogtown: 16/16

Hailley Howard ‘Goddess of Dogtown’

Their love for photography, all things vintage & their mutual desire to experience a time long before they were even born, recently brought Cali based photographers Hailley Howard & Laura Goldenberger together to create this “Dog Town” days-inspired series. The rest just kind of happened…

“Laura & I have followed each other for a long time on social media & have been looking forward to meeting. She wrote me & asked if I would be interested in collaborating on a “Dog Town” days-inspired shoot in Venice, DUH! I loved her idea to go rogue in the streets & feed off each others’ creativity.

The shoot really came together after I met model, Ashley on another shoot for Volcom & we hit it off. I mentioned the concept to her & she was IN! Finally, Veronica (stylist) joined the team & her awesome house in Venice ended up serving as the backdrop for most of these images. Without her styling skills & awesome location we definitely wouldn’t have had such a successful shoot. Marlaine, the makeup artist, also offered her amazing talent & had the genius idea of adding that green/yellow eye to Ashley.”



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