Alan Yee Bourgeois

‘Gold city (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Alan Yee Bourgeois / Model: Natalie Delana Ball / Stylist: Verónica Alva / Wardrobe: Naked Boutique
Gold city (NSFW): 1/6
Gold city (NSFW): 2/6
Gold city (NSFW): 3/6
Gold city (NSFW): 4/6
Gold city (NSFW): 5/6
Gold city (NSFW): 6/6

Alan Yee Bourgeois ‘Gold city (NSFW)’

Some gold from Mexico this beautiful Sunday, via photographer, Alan Yee Bourgeois & stylist, Veronica Alva. “Natalie is a girl from Florida, visiting Mexico city; a big city for a little girl, a girl so pretty, so fun, so cool, a girl full of energy & innocence…”



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