Gold petal –

Nyasia Sylvester

‘Gold petal’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Nyasia Sylvester / Editor: Noël McGrath / Model: Mateo Palacio / Stylist: Jessette
Gold petal: 1/16
Gold petal: 2/16
Gold petal: 3/16
Gold petal: 4/16
Gold petal: 5/16
Gold petal: 6/16
Gold petal: 7/16
Gold petal: 8/16
Gold petal: 9/16
Gold petal: 10/16
Gold petal: 11/16
Gold petal: 12/16
Gold petal: 13/16
Gold petal: 14/16
Gold petal: 15/16
Gold petal: 16/16

Nyasia Sylvester ‘Gold petal’

A super talented NYC team present their  stunning debut fashion story.

“Not only are we experiencing an evolutionary shift in the world, we are experiencing one in human character. Traditional masculine styles were not even considered; in fact, they were broken, manipulated & left the idea of masculinity totally reconstructed. Understanding that one can be anything is bliss, it’s all about the expression of human fluidity without having to worry about a social gender construction. We are free, to dress & express.”

Wardrobe; Dior, Givenchy, Nico Panda, Dr.Marents, Vetements, KTZ, Kangol, Manolo Blahnik, Hood By Air, Vintage Chanel, Other Select Pieces from Blodas Choice.



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