Kate Logan


by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Kate Logan / Model: Belle Thierry / Make-up Artist: Patricia Eleazer / Wardrobe: Vintage Garage / Wardrobe: Josie McManus / Wardrobe: Josie Stardust
Golddigger: 1/10
Golddigger: 2/10
Golddigger: 3/10
Golddigger: 4/10
Golddigger: 5/10
Golddigger: 6/10
Golddigger: 7/10
Golddigger: 8/10
Golddigger: 9/10
Golddigger: 10/10

GOLDDIGGER from kate logan on Vimeo.

Kate Logan ‘Golddigger’

Melbourne photographer, Kate Logan presents her new stunning feature. This is ‘Golddigger’.

“When the husbands away the housewife’s play”.



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