Calvin Ma

‘Golden hour’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

18 photographs.
Photographer: Calvin Ma / Model: Willie Scott IV
Golden hour: 1/18
Golden hour: 2/18
Golden hour: 3/18
Golden hour: 4/18
Golden hour: 5/18
Golden hour: 6/18
Golden hour: 7/18
Golden hour: 8/18
Golden hour: 9/18
Golden hour: 10/18
Golden hour: 11/18
Golden hour: 12/18
Golden hour: 13/18
Golden hour: 14/18
Golden hour: 15/18
Golden hour: 16/18
Golden hour: 17/18
Golden hour: 18/18

Calvin Ma ‘Golden hour’

Long Beach based fashion photographer, Calvin Ma roams the streets in the golden hour with his muse, hip-hop dancer Willie Scott IV.

“Willie has a unique DIY street-style & I figured it would capture beautifully in an urban environment, so we shot in Downtown LA. Willie has a unique vision & fashion sense that shows you don’t need to spend a pretty penny to have style. He often thrifts & cuts & sews his own custom pieces & styles it in his own way. I am spontaneous when I shoot, adapting to my environment & the light that is available. He’s a very blunt & badass sort of character & I wanted to capture that. So, we just vibed out with each other & finished off the night with some munchies in a liquor store.

Wardrobe; H&M, vintage, Urban Outfitters, Nike, Willie Scott IV, Vans, Dickie’s, Teva.



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