Ethan Gulley

‘Golden hour’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Ethan Gulley / Model: Emma Maris
Golden hour: 1/13
Golden hour: 2/13
Golden hour: 3/13
Golden hour: 4/13
Golden hour: 5/13
Golden hour: 6/13
Golden hour: 7/13
Golden hour: 8/13
Golden hour: 9/13
Golden hour: 10/13
Golden hour: 11/13
Golden hour: 12/13
Golden hour: 13/13

Ethan Gulley ‘Golden hour’

Not so long ago Ethan Gulley gifted us an incredible shoot called ‘Golden‘ starring my women crush, Emma Maris, & it became our ‘Shoot of the week’. Actually it was so good that I told you I had to split it into two rather than cull down any further. I was wrong. This shoot has now been cut into three. It’s that fucking beautiful. Here is part two 🙂



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