Georgina Solomon

‘Greens gospel’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Georgina Solomon / Creative director: Georgina Solomon / Wardrobe: Jeff McCann / Stylist: Jeff McCann / Model: Ethan Kinlock / Model Management: Chadwicks
Greens gospel: 1/13
Greens gospel: 2/13
Greens gospel: 3/13
Greens gospel: 4/13
Greens gospel: 5/13
Greens gospel: 6/13
Greens gospel: 7/13
Greens gospel: 8/13
Greens gospel: 9/13
Greens gospel: 10/13
Greens gospel: 11/13
Greens gospel: 12/13
Greens gospel: 13/13

Georgina Solomon ‘Greens gospel’

Adelaide super creative, Georgina Solomon & designer/stylist, Jeff McCann team up for this stunning series exploring the idea of food playing a religious role in our life. Using theatrical fashion & accessories made from repurposed cardboard sourced from local retailers & fruit shops, Jeff proves that one mans trash is another man’s treasure, while Georgina brings his creations to life.

“What you eat says a lot about you. Food is now being used as a way to develop your image, much like the clothes you wear. Social media has also made it easy for food to become a new kind of fashion. Posting photos of what you eat, keeping up with foodie trends & going to those cafes in secret dodgy laneways. For some this identification with food is almost like a religion. The belief in & worship of a super (food) human controlling power. Is the cafe the new church? Could this be our modern day Virgin Mary?”



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