Kibby Kibwana

‘Grey Days’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Kibby Kibwana / Model: Shantel Myers
Grey Days: 1/7
Grey Days: 2/7
Grey Days: 3/7
Grey Days: 4/7
Grey Days: 5/7
Grey Days: 6/7
Grey Days: 7/7

Kibby Kibwana ‘Grey Days’

‘Grey days’ is a spontaneous shoot by Toronto based photographer, Kibby Kibwana starring Shantel Myers, & even though it was the last day of a very short Canadian Summer, the girls had a blast. Here is what Kibby told us about their day together…

“The weather for me was perfect as I love the overcast grey days. I almost never step outside to shoot when it comes to portraits as I photograph a lot of beauty. This photoshoot was the perfect get away from the studio & Shantel was an
absolute doll & pleasure to be around. The photos were harmonious in nature. Shantel’s energy & spirit carried over to the final edits. The most memorable thing about this shoot was she never stopped smiling & making ridiculous jokes through out the whole day!



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