Sophia Baboolal

‘Grey daze’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Sophia Baboolal / Model: Bianca Venerayan / HMUA: Kelty Lewis
Grey daze: 1/7
Grey daze: 2/7
Grey daze: 3/7
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Grey daze: 5/7
Grey daze: 6/7
Grey daze: 7/7

Sophia Baboolal ‘Grey daze’

It was minus 10°C outside in Toronto on the day of this shoot, which is unfathomable for a Sunshine Coast (Australia) girl like me! As you can imagine location options were limited, but photographer Sophia Baboolal & her incredible muse, Bianca Venerayan came up with the perfect indoor solution & needless to say I fucking love everything about this!

“Bianca told me she’d painted the walls in her apartment to look like concrete & marble. We had the morning & early afternoon to shoot, as she had plans to reupholster her couch that evening with plush pink fabric. Being a part of the Kastor & Pollux squad, Bianca’s definitely pretty creative in all aspects of her life, which made shooting her so much fun, throwing her hair into braids & channeling her inner swag into a series of photos.”



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