Tristan Beedon


by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Tristan Beedon / Model: Ashley Dobson
Greyness: 1/9
Greyness: 2/9
Greyness: 3/9
Greyness: 4/9
Greyness: 5/9
Greyness: 6/9
Greyness: 7/9
Greyness: 8/9
Greyness: 9/9

Tristan Beedon ‘Greyness’

Iv’e always had a thing for red heads & so I was pretty excited when ‘Greyness’ found its way to us from Tacoma (Washington) by fashion & portrait photographer, Tristan Beedon. Tristan told us he prefers a naturalistic style & aims to take photos that look like snapshots, unposed & unassuming, without sacrificing style. Which is perfect because these are all the things we look for in a shoot too.



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