Frankie Perez

‘Grid stuntin’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Frankie Perez / Model: Keniya Jean
Grid stuntin: 1/6
Grid stuntin: 2/6
Grid stuntin: 3/6
Grid stuntin: 4/6
Grid stuntin: 5/6
Grid stuntin: 6/6

Frankie Perez ‘Grid stuntin’

Montreal based photographer, Frankie Perez got into photography through his other passion as a world class breakdancer. He defines his visual identity by trying to blur the lines between fashion images & creative portraiture with an intent to evoke emotion. It’s a pleasure to introduce another new contributor with his debut series starring the incredible, Keniya Jean.

“The stars were aligned for this shoot as we were still able to zone out & create despite my forgetting a bag of garments that was meant for styling. The concept for this was inspired by the minimal aesthetic & artists like Donald Judd, John McKracken, etc. as I was trying to create a space with tape as as compositional lines that the model could interact with. Kenya was super dope to work with & I’m definitely looking forward to shooting again with her in the future!”



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