Willym Brown


by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Willym Brown / Model: Bella Donna Fernandez / HMUA: Ashley Hazelwood
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Willym Brown ‘Grit’

Kansas City creative Willym Brown combines the grittiness of his location in The West Bottoms with the beauty & softness of the female form for his stunning debut series.

“Durning my stay in Kansas City I was exploring an industrial part, looking for an interesting place to shoot. Growing up, The West Bottoms was always a part of the city considered rough & to stay away from. Train yards run through the middle of it & it was full of abandoned buildings, train jumpers & squatters. Fast forward 10 years & it still has its charms with a few new residences. The heat index for the day was 100 plus & the humidity unbearable. Our loft had no A/C so every reason to get naked & create. This set dives into minimalism as well as playing off of grotesque lighting with the feminine form. using a single overhead light we played with grotesque colours of tungsten yellows & reds, soft posing & harsh shadow contrast; bringing in the grittiness of The West Bottoms into our work.”



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