Alejandra Sabillón

‘Groovy & delicious’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Alejandra Sabillón / Model: Dayna Frazer / Model: Luiza Scandelari / Stylist: Alexes Bowyer
Groovy & delicious: 1/8
Groovy & delicious: 2/8
Groovy & delicious: 3/8
Groovy & delicious: 4/8
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Groovy & delicious: 8/8

Alejandra Sabillón ‘Groovy & delicious’

Alejandra had a lot of fun shooting this set of images over the course of two days. Her inspiration were the colors, glow & liquid motion of lava lamps. Capturing movement & expression is important to Alejandra. She was lucky to work with models Dayna Frazer & Luiza Scandelari who are both so full of life & willing to be open & free subjects.

“My friend Alexes styled everything with pieces from the wonderfully curated vintage shop, ‘Londoño’.”

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