James Beddoes

‘G’s spot’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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22 photographs.
Photographer: James Beddoes / Model: Georgie Riot / Model Management: Unite Model Management
G’s spot: 1/22
G’s spot: 2/22
G’s spot: 3/22
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G’s spot: 5/22
G’s spot: 6/22
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G’s spot: 11/22
G’s spot: 12/22
G’s spot: 13/22
G’s spot: 14/22
G’s spot: 15/22
G’s spot: 16/22
G’s spot: 17/22
G’s spot: 18/22
G’s spot: 19/22
G’s spot: 20/22
G’s spot: 21/22
G’s spot: 22/22

James Beddoes ‘G’s spot’

UK photographer & regular fucking awesome contributor, James Beddoes follows his super cute pal, Georgie Riot around for his latest series. This is ‘G’S spot’.

“I always love the catch up with my buddy Georgie, & combining some hanging out with shooting. On this occasion as she had been doing hair shows all month, G just wanted to blow of some steam & do some skateboarding, a skill I didn’t know she had until that day! So for the shoot I wanted nothing more than to shoot Georgie just being her cool self!”



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