Jacky Varlet


by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Jacky Varlet / Model: Ben West / Model: Matteo Rizzuto / Model: Atiifiia / HMUA: Ai Hayano / Stylist: Sakino Imagawa
Haikyo: 1/12
Haikyo: 2/12
Haikyo: 3/12
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Haikyo: 12/12

Jacky Varlet ‘Haikyo’

Jacky Varlet pays homage to the Japanese folklore, so rich, powerful & respected even today by Japanese people.

“This area is called Kawaguchiko. It is one of these lakes in Japan from which you can contemplate the fascinating Mt Fuji, not far from Tokyo. I discovered this abandoned house a year ago during a trip. It was unexpected, I felt such an interesting vibe there. It was sad but beautiful, destroyed but poetic. I knew I will go back there to shoot.

This kind of abandoned place is called Haikyo in Japanese. They are not that rare in Japan. They are often abandoned for decades, & nobody dares to set foot there anymore. It is said that this kind of place is haunted by the Bakemono, the spirits & ghosts of the people who died there. After the shoot, before nightfall, we went for a swim in the lake, free like birds, a memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Wardrobe; Riba & PMD



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