Hailey (NSFW): 1/8 Hailey (NSFW): 1/8
Hailey (NSFW): 2/8 Hailey (NSFW): 2/8
Hailey (NSFW): 3/8 Hailey (NSFW): 3/8
Hailey (NSFW): 4/8 Hailey (NSFW): 4/8
Hailey (NSFW): 5/8 Hailey (NSFW): 5/8
Hailey (NSFW): 6/8 Hailey (NSFW): 6/8
Hailey (NSFW): 7/8 Hailey (NSFW): 7/8
Hailey (NSFW): 8/8 Hailey (NSFW): 8/8

Bradford ‘Hailey (NSFW)’

‘Hailey is our latest series from our boy ‘Bradford’. Here is what he told us about his day with Hailey…

“Shot in Vancouver during the summer 2015. The series conjures the long anticapted summer laze, devoid of responsibilty & lingering days. Timeless & effortless, the series flowed, just like the summer.”



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