John Ellis

‘Hall pass’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: John Ellis / Model: Jeana Turner / Model: Khrystyana / Make-up Artist: Lucas Bowman
Hall pass: 1/8
Hall pass: 2/8
Hall pass: 3/8
Hall pass: 4/8
Hall pass: 5/8
Hall pass: 6/8
Hall pass: 7/8
Hall pass: 8/8

John Ellis ‘Hall pass’

Italian native, John Ellis grew up in Richmond, Virginia where he learned his love for photography & music. He was always drawn to fashion campaigns & editorial imagery so naturally, this is what he wanted to create when it was his turn behind the camera. After a few years of being in a smaller market he decided it was time to move to NYC where he now resides. For his debut feature, John met with one epic vegan muse, Jeana Turner & body love activist & model, Khrystyana.

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