Hannah Ross


by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Hannah Ross / Model: Hannah Kehler
Ham: 1/7
Ham: 2/7
Ham: 3/7
Ham: 4/7
Ham: 5/7
Ham: 6/7
Ham: 7/7

Hannah Ross ‘Ham’

19 year old analog photographer from Kelowna, Canada, Hannah Ross presents her debut series starring, Hannah Kehler.

“I showed up to Hannah’s (aka Ham) house at 8:30am, the scheduled shoot time, & no one answered the door. I texted Ham & rang the door bell a few times, but it turns out she had slept in. I wasn’t even mad though, Ham is a a good pal of mine & I love her to bits. Anywho, when she finally woke up, Ham got into her sexy lil outfit, & I just shot away. We laughed a lot, talked about boys & clothes, & had a lot of fun just playing around. Afterwards we had a nice heart-to-heart chat & cuddled. All in all it was a great time.”



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