Brian Venth


by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Brian Venth / Model: Summah Taylor
Hamlette: 1/12
Hamlette: 2/12
Hamlette: 3/12
Hamlette: 4/12
Hamlette: 5/12
Hamlette: 6/12
Hamlette: 7/12
Hamlette: 8/12
Hamlette: 9/12
Hamlette: 10/12
Hamlette: 11/12
Hamlette: 12/12

Brian Venth ‘Hamlette’

Shot on 35mm film during his latest visit to Melbourne, Australia, Brian Venth captures the beautiful, Summah Taylor in her backyard.

“There was no team on this, just Summah & myself chillin at her place getting to know each other, chatting about politics, veganism & other random shit.”



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