Matthew Comer

‘Hang out spots’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

17 photographs.
Photographer: Matthew Comer / Model: Milly Holmes
Hang out spots: 1/17
Hang out spots: 2/17
Hang out spots: 3/17
Hang out spots: 4/17
Hang out spots: 5/17
Hang out spots: 6/17
Hang out spots: 7/17
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Hang out spots: 11/17
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Hang out spots: 15/17
Hang out spots: 16/17
Hang out spots: 17/17

Matthew Comer ‘Hang out spots’

So excited to be posting up on here again! Especially coz i’ve been sitting on amazing shoots like this one for weeks!

Shot both on film & on digital by Matthew Comer, ‘Hang out spots’ stars British beauty, Milly Holmes & pays homage to spots we’ve all hung out at probably quite frequently growing up… The film gives it an extra vintage feel & as an 80’s baby that hasn’t eaten Mcdonalds since the 90’s even I can smell the fries & musty pool hall carpet from here.

Although I feel like i am getting better with age, much like a fine wine, this is the first time in a long time that I have felt like visiting my youth again. Thank you Matthew Comer for the trip down memory lane. Wish you were around to photograph & style me back in those days so my photo album wasn’t so fucking embarrassing!



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