Ivan Trejo

‘Hangin’ on You’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Director: Ivan Trejo / Written by: Dana Harvey / Photographer: Ivan Trejo / CinematographerIvan Trejo / Assistant: Kevin Bleitz / Assistant: Kim Bjork
Hangin’ on You: 1/6
Hangin’ on You: 2/6
Hangin’ on You: 3/6
Hangin’ on You: 4/6
Hangin’ on You: 5/6
Hangin’ on You: 6/6

Ivan Trejo ‘Hangin’ on You’

Its hard not to fall in love with a series that is shot inside of a roller rink. There is just something so familiar & nostalgic about this Orange County setting. It’s even harder not to fall in love with & feel for Alex Carranza as “Stacy”. Here is what director, Ivan Trejo told us about the making of this gorgeous, moving film/photo series.

“The concept for this short film came together when my friend Dana played me this old record by the band ‘Nena’, in particular a song called ‘Hangin’ on You’, & mentioned how great it would be to make a short film to that song.

He wrote the dialogue that plays at the beginning of the film & we went from there to write out the whole story. We went to this old roller rink that hosts an “Adult Night” skate session on Wednesdays from 9pm & they where kind enough to let us film inside! there’s a lot of interesting people who show up & show they’re moves out on the floor. I chose Alex as my muse for this project because I love her attitude & she fits the character profile perfectly.

Special thanks to Holiday Skate Rink & to Max for the car!”



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