Mario Savi


by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Mario Savi / Model: Lina Rebollo / Stylist: Lina Rebollo / Assistant: Camillo Esquirra / Location: Camillo Esquirra
Hangover: 1/8
Hangover: 2/8
Hangover: 3/8
Hangover: 4/8
Hangover: 5/8
Hangover: 6/8
Hangover: 7/8
Hangover: 8/8

Mario Savi ‘Hangover’

We all have em’, the day following a big night where your insides mess up all your plans as they slowly repair themselves. Meanwhile your mind is kept busy just trying to recollect memories. Surely you didn’t party hard enough to deserve such an agonising hangover! This is a series about that day. The day you decided never to drink again. I have at least one of these days every month. Happy Monday ya’ll!



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