Elise Dantec & Jean-Guillaume Bastin

‘Harajuku bonding’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Production: Elise Dantec & Jean-Guillaume Bastin / Photographer: Elise Dantec / Photographer: Jean-Guillaume Bastin / Model: Jaella / Model Management: Montage Models / Model: Jade
Harajuku bonding: 1/13
Harajuku bonding: 2/13
Harajuku bonding: 3/13
Harajuku bonding: 4/13
Harajuku bonding: 5/13
Harajuku bonding: 6/13
Harajuku bonding: 7/13
Harajuku bonding: 8/13
Harajuku bonding: 9/13
Harajuku bonding: 10/13
Harajuku bonding: 11/13
Harajuku bonding: 12/13
Harajuku bonding: 13/13

Elise Dantec & Jean-Guillaume Bastin ‘Harajuku bonding’

Inspired by the Harajuku area in Tokyo, collaborating photographers, Elise Dantec & Jean-Guillaume Bastin present their debut feature.

“The Harajuku area in Tokyo is filled with eccentric poeple who mix crazy individual styling with high-end brands. We wanted two different characters that would each portray a side of Harajuku: one with a crazy vintage look, & one with a more classy approach. The story follows two bored girls meeting & bonding over an evening. We shot with 4 hands to create two visual approach for two different girls.”



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