Alex Hajaradan


by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Alex Hajaradan / Model: Chelsey Boll
Harmony: 1/7
Harmony: 2/7
Harmony: 3/7
Harmony: 4/7
Harmony: 5/7
Harmony: 6/7
Harmony: 7/7

Alex Hajaradan ‘Harmony’

Canada photographer Alex Hajaradan welcomes fellow photographer & model Chelsey Boll to Montreal with a beautiful series of images.

“I came across Chelsey’s profile by coincidence the other day, who had just moved to Montreal, so I reached out to shoot. I saw that she was also a photographer & I really liked her photos. It’s kind of thrilling to shoot a model who is also a photographer as if it adds to the pressure to do a good job! For this shoot I just grabbed my camera with no specific idea in mind, just for the purpose of shooting, relying on a kind of aesthetic harmony between the model & the location.”



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