Cezar Banaszczyk

‘Haze (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Cezar Banaszczyk / Model: Sonje Sylvarnes
Haze (NSFW): 1/6
Haze (NSFW): 2/6
Haze (NSFW): 3/6
Haze (NSFW): 4/6
Haze (NSFW): 5/6
Haze (NSFW): 6/6

Cezar Banaszczyk ‘Haze (NSFW)’

Young London based photographer Cezar Banaszczyk brings us a moody debut film series starring Sonje Sylvarne.

“This series was shot with my 1970’s KIEV camera from the Soviet Union using Fujifilm 100. I have used a variety of filters to create a haze & slight colour hue. We have used a desk lamp & a phone torch as the light source to create this slight low-key, grainy feel in the images.”



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