Heat seeker: 1/6 Heat seeker: 1/6
Heat seeker: 2/6 Heat seeker: 2/6
Heat seeker: 3/6 Heat seeker: 3/6
Heat seeker: 4/6 Heat seeker: 4/6
Heat seeker: 5/6 Heat seeker: 5/6
Heat seeker: 6/6 Heat seeker: 6/6

Manon Ouimet ‘Heat seeker’

‘Heat seeker’ is the result of London based photographer, Manon Ouimet in search of the perfect sweater.

“A good friend of mine, who at the time was living in Madrid, had been raving on about this really cool Spanish brand called ‘Trendsplant’, specialising in comfortable, easy going sweaters. Based in London as a photographer, & freezing my tits off,  I was dying for a bit of sun & I needed a sweater!

So I get to Madrid & began to organise a shoot around sweaters with a Spanish agency. Having no idea whether my model Marta could speak English or not, translator (friend) on standby, model arrives to my little AirBnB & we shoot. Probably one of the most memorable shoots I have ever experienced. Language breakdowns of course, but hilarious when present! We drank tea & hung out in Lavapies, a notorious African area in town. We had spectators left right & centre from the apartment block & on the streets.”



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