Khiera Nicole

‘Heavenly pursuits (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Khiera Nicole / Creative director: Kira Kosh / Model: Kira Kosh / Stylist: Kira Kosh / Make-up Artist: Kira Kosh
Heavenly pursuits (NSFW): 1/13
Heavenly pursuits (NSFW): 2/13
Heavenly pursuits (NSFW): 3/13
Heavenly pursuits (NSFW): 4/13
Heavenly pursuits (NSFW): 5/13
Heavenly pursuits (NSFW): 6/13
Heavenly pursuits (NSFW): 7/13
Heavenly pursuits (NSFW): 8/13
Heavenly pursuits (NSFW): 9/13
Heavenly pursuits (NSFW): 10/13
Heavenly pursuits (NSFW): 11/13
Heavenly pursuits (NSFW): 12/13
Heavenly pursuits (NSFW): 13/13

Khiera Nicole ‘Heavenly pursuits (NSFW)’

Khiera Nicole brings us her stunning debut series. This is ‘Heavenly Pursuits’.

‘Sweet southern breeze. The chrome drifts on dirt roads & rattle snakes coil, blondes call to their knees. bruised lips & poisoned hearts, butterfly knives & bear breasts. Pagan star twists the dark needle in vein. Miserable hedonist, subsequently submissive & waiting. Night moves in the starless skies & desert plains. Pink night gowns & white lies, descending down, angels cry.

Diamonte cross on pale necks of flaming red hair. Soft kisses upon childish wishes. Lonely high ways to no where’. – Kira

Wardrobe; Vetements, Misbhv, Pleaser.



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