Martina Matencio


by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Martina Matencio / Creative director: Koko Ishizuka
Heritage: 1/10
Heritage: 2/10
Heritage: 3/10
Heritage: 4/10
Heritage: 5/10
Heritage: 6/10
Heritage: 7/10
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Heritage: 9/10
Heritage: 10/10

Martina Matencio ‘Heritage’

The concept behind this shoot was to capture the beauty of the Japanese language. Japan is a country enriched with tradition. Elegance can be seen in the colours of the art, the dresses, the phrases & the rituals. It must be stated that the Japanese language itself, is one of the most beautiful & unique languages in the world. The pronunciation of the words are soft & delicate, however, there is always a profound meaning behind them. Creative director, Koko Ishizuka pays homage to her heritage & the ancient Japanese language in this powerful set. Photographed in Spain, by Martina Matencio.



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